ART2116 - Mixed Media I

3 (2/1/0)
Meets MnTC Goal areas 2 and 6F. Multimedia art exploration is a problem-solving art studio experience involving the use of a variety of traditional and non-traditional art materials.
  1. Identify elements of introductory dry media drawing processes.
  2. Identify elements of introductory wet media drawing processes.
  3. Semiotically decipher and explain artworks in a critique.
  4. Analyze and explain formal elements of artworks in a critique.
  5. Demonstrate techniques characteristic of multiple contemporary and historical mixed media practices.
  6. Create artworks with original, unique concepts.
  7. Aesthetically evaluate artworks with justification.
  8. Make use of appropriate subject matter in the student's artwork processes.
  9. Evaluate the formal elements of artworks with justification.
Goal Areas
2. Critical Thinking
6. The Humanities and Fine Arts
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