ART2000 - Intermediate Art Studio

3 (2/1/0)
Meets MnTC Goal Areas 2 and 6. This course is designed to allow students to work in close proximity to the instructor in areas of particular interest to each individual student. Students research and examine relevant historical and contemporary art movements, contexts and methods to inform their social, historical, philosophical, artistic, etc., choices regarding subject matter. Emphasis is on the development of artworks, artist statements and exhibitions.
  1. Demonstrate the relationship between formal decision making and conceptual implications.
  2. Create original works of art that explore a variety of formal and conceptual problems, demonstrate a visual vocabulary, and the ability to make effective aesthetic decisions.
  3. Analyze the major movements, periods of art and the stylistic characteristics which differentiate them, and identify key examples of those styles relevant to conceptual discourse.
  4. Analyze the work of artists as expressions of human values within an historical, cultural and social context.
  5. Demonstrate effective use of art of media and materials.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to use artistic skills by successfully producing a variety of artworks that demonstrate a transition from assignment-based projects to the development of more independent and cohesive work.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of health and safety issues within the discipline.
  8. Explain and evaluate the effectiveness of personal artwork and the work of others through critique.
Goal Areas
2. Critical Thinking
6. The Humanities and Fine Arts
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