ART1128 - Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary

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Meets MnTC Goal Areas 2, 6 and 8. This introductory course gives students a deeper appreciation and knowledge of Western art and the cultures that created it. The course focuses on the fascinating changes that occurred in the Italian Renaissance and continues through to modern artists and influences of the 20th century.
  1. Explain the characteristics of various artistic mediums such as painting, sculpture and architecture.
  2. Explain the basic visual elements and principles of design present in all works of art, and explain works of art in terms of these elements and principles.
  3. Analyze the major movements, periods of art and the stylistic characteristics which differentiate them, and identify key examples of those styles.
  4. Analyze the historical, religious and social circumstances that shape the history of art.
  5. Analyze the work of artists as expressions of human values within an historical, cultural and social context.
  6. Describe the lives and work of individual artists, the influences upon them and their stylistic development.
  7. Express informed personal responses to works of art in written papers and/or class discussions.
  8. Write critical and analytical essays using academic research and scholarship.
Goal Areas
2. Critical Thinking
6. The Humanities and Fine Arts
8. Global Perspective
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