Student Directory Data Procedure

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April 29, 2021
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April 29, 2021


To ensure compliance with the Student Directory Data Policy.


Limited Directory Data

Student email addresses and StarID numbers are defined as Limited Directory Data for enterprise technology related purposes internal to the Minnesota State system that are approved by System Office IT, including, but not limited to, inclusion of email addresses and StarID numbers in a directory accessible to Minnesota State students and employees.


Directory Data Notifications

Students will be informed about student directory data information in the following ways:

1. Annual Notification Email - An email that includes student directory data information will be sent by the College to all registered Minnesota State Community and Technical College students in the fall of every academic year.

2. Student Handbook - Student directory data information can be found in the Student Handbook at

Suppressing Directory Data

Students can opt to suppress their directory data by completing a Release of Information Form available at and selecting the DO NOT RELEASE option. The opt to suppress directory data will remain in effect until a change is requested in writing.

Suppressing directory data will result in:

  • The student’s name will not be listed in commencement publications
  • Student directory information will not be released to third parties
  • The College will not verify enrollment or attendance

Students who wish to override a suppression request for a specific party or purpose may do so by providing a written authorization to the Registrar’s Office providing the specific details of the override. For questions, contact the College Registrar at 877-450-3322.


College Compliance Officer

Prepares and sends the Annual Notification email to all registered students.

College Registrar

Monitors and updates the Student Directory Data Policy and Student Directory Data Procedure

Manages updates to the Release of Information Form

Dean of Students

Maintains and updates the Student Directory Policy information in the Student Handbook

Supporting References

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C; 34 CFR Part 99

Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Chapter 13 of Minnesota Statutes

Minnesota State system Office of the General Counsel Data Privacy

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