Wendy L. Kieffer

Wendy Kieffer
Health Information Technology/Coding

I enrolled at M State due to the list of programs available. I enjoyed being able to talk to the instructors before signing up for a program. They asked questions of me and then gave me a path to follow, which was very helpful as I was working full time, taking care of my two girls and going to be attending school full time. When I was almost finished with my first degree in Medical Administration, we combined a few classes so I could finish my second degree in HIT/Coding.

There were a lot of long nights and weekends with barely any sleep, but I was determined to complete my two degrees, and I wasn’t letting myself down. Bonnie Peterson, my HIT instructor and advisor, had faith in me that I could do this. She helped me set up two positive internships, including one at the county hospital where I now work.

The educators at M State really know what is changing in the business world. For students thinking of attending M State, I’d suggest emailing advisors to ask what it’s like in the business world for the careers that interest you, what is the placement rate and what types of degrees are needed down the road for advancement.

I’d like to thank my advisors for the support given to me. They guided me during my career change and helped me through the program with ease. I am grateful to have had such awesome advisors in my life.