Shawna Davenport

Shawna Davenport
Business Administration

M State allowed me to achieve a goal that did not seem possible for a large portion of my life. I was a single mom, working full time, trying to make ends meet. The ability to earn my degree online on my own schedule made this all possible for me.

Even with the circumstances I was in, there were people that were there to help me realize my dreams. They did not let me fail. If I was struggling, they were understanding, and they worked with me. I always knew what I was capable of, and that my circumstances were just temporary. I just needed people in my court at that time in my life who believed in me.

Remember that anything is possible, especially nowadays with online learning. When I look back at the nights I spent finishing my degree and wondering where it would take me, I couldn’t be more thankful that I took the time, no matter how many long nights I spent. M State is your opportunity to invest in yourself. Imagine where you could be five years down the road!

Davenport graduated with her AAS in Business Entrepreneurship in 2014. In 2019 she accepted a position as Assistant 911 Coordinator/Emergency Management Specialist in Stark County, N.D. (Dickinson), and after 1 ½ years she was named to her current position of Interim Director of Emergency Services for the county.