Sandrine Kouhe

Sandrine Kouhe
Dental Programs

I grew up in Fargo with my family and chose M State in Moorhead because not only is it affordable, but they also had my program there. I really enjoyed my time there and can say that M State sent me in the right direction.

M State’s smaller classes make it easier to talk to teachers, and it will help you reach your goals earlier. Heidi Anderson had a huge impact on me; you can go to her for help any time. Another instructor, Robin Peltier, loves helping students and is so easy to talk to. She inspires you and encourages you to be better.

It’s easy to think that college is not necessary, but if you want a great job, a college degree will be your best option. You might not think you need it now, but I promise it’s worth it.

Sandrine Kouhe graduated in 2019 from the Moorhead campus and is working as a dental assistant at a pediatric dentistry office.