Rhonda Swanson

Rhonda Swanson
Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Behavioral Health
Nursing Programs

I have always had an interest in adolescents with mental health disorders. As I was waiting to get into the nursing program at M State, I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about mental health. That’s a huge topic in today’s world, and I wanted more understanding.

As a nurse, we need to have the knowledge not only in hands-on skills but in communication, also. When I receive my RN from M State, I hope to be able to work with more patients and clients who have mental health issues. I feel I could have more job opportunities with this educational experience and certificate on my resume.

This program is a good one not only for nursing students, but for all students who work with the public. You learn so much about different disorders and how to have a therapeutic conversation with patients who might be having a mental health crisis.

Also, there are so many advantages of taking online classes. You can work full time and take care of your household. All of the assignments are on the schedule, so you know when assignments are due, and there are discussion boards where your classmates and teachers are available to help answer questions. Every one of my M State instructors was always there if I needed anything.