Mohammed Mohammed

M State Engineering grad Mohammed Mohammed, at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

I finished the Engineering program at M State in 2020, went on to North Dakota State University to finish my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, and now I’m a master’s degree student in the GeoSystems program at the University of California, Berkeley.

I spent four years at M State, and one of the things I learned is that it’s not about the time it takes you to get somewhere, it’s about the journey. Each person has their own path, and you have to give it time and find the right people to help you throughout the process. It’s your journey, it’s your time; take however long you need to take. Of course be wise with your decisions, but enjoy the process.

I’m very grateful for everybody at M State and how they helped me find my path.

My mathematics instructor at M State, Mr. Drummond, has a passion for math that inspired my own passion for it. He helped me see the value in math, teaching me not only about math concepts but also how to apply them. It really helped me prepare for a successful time at NDSU. That’s something I really appreciate about M State – there are amazing faculty around who are always there to support and build relationships with you. At a big school, it’s harder to build one-on-one connections with your instructors, and to get as inspired as easily.

I graduated from West Fargo High School in 2016. I’m a long way from home now, and I’m not sure yet what’s next for me. I expect to complete my master’s degree in May 2023, and my goal is to someday become an academic, so I hope to continue learning. And I’m trying to enjoy the process.