Matthew Benjamin

Matthew Benjamin
Business Transfer Pathway

I chose M State because of the smaller class sizes. Having been out of high school for 17 years, coming back to school caused a lot of concerns for me. Having those smaller class sizes enabled me to interact with the instructors and ensure I understood the material.

M State has the advantage of everything being under one roof. I have been able to utilize many resources I’m not confident I would have even known existed at a larger school.

Getting involved with the Student Government Association made a huge impact on my experience at M State. Not only did I get to travel to conferences in Minnesota, but I also got to advocate for student rights in Washington, D.C. The time I spent in the SGA taught me so much about what being an effective, compassionate and fair leader means.

For students considering attending M State, I would advise them to believe in themselves and not to let fear of the unknown limit their potential. Get involved early and stay involved, and enjoy the amazing opportunities available at our four campuses.

Matthew Benjamin was SGA president on the Moorhead campus and graduates in December 2019. He plans to pursue his accounting degree at Minnesota State University Moorhead and become a certified public accountant.