Jacob Kremin

Jacob Kremin
Cardiovascular Technology - Invasive

I chose the Cardiovascular Technology program because I wanted to help people and be in the medical field.

Prior to enrolling at M State, I was enlisted with the U.S. Navy. I wanted to be involved in law enforcement and decided being part of the military police community was the best way to get experience. My enlistment ended, and I decided to take a different career path and apply at M State.

I enjoy the smaller class sizes and friendly staff and teachers. Everyone is quick to help you achieve your goals and answer questions. I have never felt that there was a time I had a question or a problem that I couldn’t go to my instructor or a staff member about.

My advice to anyone considering enrolling at M State is to keep your options open. There are a lot of different career paths that M State can help you achieve that you may not know exist. Don’t be afraid to ask your advisors questions and be involved in your education.