Jack Wenglewick

Jack Wenglewick

After 25 years working in the IT industry, my employer closed their Fargo office and sent the jobs to other locations around the world. Not having a degree in my field negatively impacted my search for a new job. I had already decided that if I went back to school, I would look for a two-year degree in the IT field, and I wanted something local. After reviewing the local options, I decided that M State best matched my requirements.

M State is a great school. Classes are small, and in-person classes allow students to get as much help from an instructor as they require, while online classes provide flexibility in schedules.

Most of the instructors I have had the pleasure to deal with truly care about the success of their students – they are knowledgeable about their field and have previous practical experience, and they keep up-to-date on the latest developments. I would have to say my favorite instructor is Tim Preuss, who suggested I become a tutor, which I did. Being a tutor has allowed me to meet more students, share my experience in the IT industry and help students succeed in their classes.

Jack plans to return to the IT industry following his graduation in May 2020.