Erin Nissen

Erin Nissen
Limited Scope Radiography

I realized that what I was previously going to college for was just not a good match with the future lifestyle I desire. I work in the radiology department at the main Sanford hospital in Fargo. I did some research and found the Limited Scope Radiography program at M State and decided that it was going to be the best choice for me.

I really enjoy the small class size we have. It is nice having so much hands-on time and getting to move at our own pace. It is an amazing learning opportunity.

My hope after graduating with my LSR diploma is to move into the Radiologic Technology degree program at M State. After completing that, I would like to become a traveling radiologic technologist for a few years to gain some experience and travel, then I would like to get a job at a hospital and become certified in computerized tomography (CT). Or maybe I will earn my CT certification first and then become a traveling technologist. Either way, I definitely want to travel!

Erin Nissen, a native of Poulsbo, Wash., began the LSR program at M State in the fall of 2020.