Dana Haugen

Dana Haugen
Health Information Technology/Coding

My experience with M State was a positive one, and I would recommend it to anyone. I had been a medical transcriptionist since 1990, but it was clear that my profession was becoming extinct. I wanted to stay in the medical field and decided a degree in HIT would be a good next step. Living on a farm in rural North Dakota and having a teenage daughter at home, I needed a program I could do completely online. I needed easy access to my classes and the flexibility to be able to attend my daughter’s activities, and M State provided these options for me.

At one point, I was driving 88 miles daily to work in Devil’s Lake … which made school a bit more challenging as my time was quite limited. The instructors at M State were very understanding and accommodating. As long as they see you putting forth the effort, they will support and encourage you to accomplish your goals.

I moved to Fargo in the fall of 2020 after accepting a position as a patient access representative at Essentia. My HIT degree and RHIT certification look great on my resume and will play an important role in my future endeavors.

Haugen celebrated three graduations in May 2020: Her own from M State, a daughter’s from UND and another daughter’s from high school.