Crystal Prose

Crystal Prose
Design and Engineering Technology

I was looking for a local college that supports veterans and has a better student-per-instructor ratio than some of the larger universities. Minnesota State Community and Technical College was the perfect fit. The program was a good blend of in-person classroom time and online instruction, and the instructors were very knowledgeable about the programs and training I needed to start my new career.

The Drafting and Engineering Tech program teaches a very broad range of skills that a student can apply to a specific job position, so my options for choosing what field or area I wanted to work in were not limited to one or two. I chose my field based on my own skillset and practicality for future job security, but there were many different avenues I could have chosen.

M State enabled me to shine in my role as a Mechanical Engineering Technician with a local engineering firm, and truly set me up for success. Plus, the extra skills, such as 3D printing and machine coding, will come in handy down the road.


Crystal graduated from M State's Design and Engineering Technology program in 2023.