Abdullahi Hashi

Abdullahi Hashi
Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts and Sciences

After coming to the United States in 2008 and surviving that first harsh winter, I thought of higher education. M State Fergus Falls was the nearest campus and, since I had a passion for agriculture, I enrolled without thinking twice in the Sustainable Food Production program. With incredible faculty members and staff who were ready to walk you through anything, I was prepared to successfully complete my bachelor’s degree from NDSU.

Now I am considering grad school – agricultural economics or applied economics – so need to have a strong background in mathematics. I knew I could get those higher math classes from M State at an affordable price. In addition to affordable courses, M State has great instructors who are willing to work with you to make sure you get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. There are also a lot of resources you can take advantage of, including the tutoring center.

Math instructor Mike Booth is an instructor I will never forget – he always asked what I was planning to do and gave me career options with any major I might pursue. Sheri Johnson is another instructor whose class was a turning point. Taking her public speaking class was an eye-opener for me, and she is the one who made it possible to finally build a bridge over the impassable road in my journey to higher education.

Hashi earned a degree in Sustainable Food Production in 2011 and his Associate of Arts degree in 2013. In addition to enrolling in calculus and statistics classes at M State in preparation for graduate school in 2019, Hashi is a production supervisor at West Central Turkeys in Pelican Rapids.