Abby Kimball

Abby Kimball
Early Childhood

M State provided me with the lab experience and knowledge that gave me confidence when I went out into the early childhood field and got a job. Support from staff and teachers played a big role in that – the teachers were excited to teach and hear what we were experiencing in the labs, which made it even more exciting to learn.

The biggest benefit for me was the smaller class sizes at M State, the lab experience and the individual attention – the teachers knew everyone by name and a bit about each of us. I loved that I was able to form great relationships with my classmates as well as my teachers.

I’m working now in my hometown of Perham at a day care center that has a partnership with Head Start. I’m the lead toddler teacher and the building lead at the center.

Abby Kimball graduated from M State in 2012 with a degree in Early Childhood Education.