Withdrawing from a course

Before you withdraw from a course, you should be aware that course withdrawals:
  • Will increase the cost of your education
  • May affect your financial aid status and may require repayment of federal financial aid
  • May affect your anticipated graduation date
  • May prevent your admission to selective admission programs
  • May affect your eligibility for membership in the PTK Honor Society
  • May affect your immigration status if you are attending M State on a non-immigrant visa
  • My require repayment of course fees paid by scholarships
  • Will affect your course completion rate
  • Will result in having to pay the full cost of instruction to retake the course
To withdraw from a course(s), you must access registration in eServices. The withdrawal deadline for courses that meet full-semester is published in the Academic Calendar each semester. For courses that do not meet the full semester, check your eServices for the withdrawal deadline. All requests for withdrawals must by submitted by 11:59 pm on the withdrawal deadline date.
Before you withdraw:
  • Talk with your instructor to discuss your progress in the course
  • Visit with your faculty advisor and/or academic advisor to discuss how a withdrawal will affect your career and education plan
  • Talk with your associate director of financial aid to discuss the status of your financial aid