Reverse transfer

Students who have attended more than one of the colleges and/or universities in the Minnesota State system may have their record reviewed for degree conferral through a process known as reverses transfer.  Reverse transfer allows students to finish their Associate of Arts degree while completing a bachelor's degree.

When a student is identified as a potential candidate for this process, the student will receive a notification in eServices asking for the student's permission to have his/her record reviewed. Once permission is given, the student's information will be forwarded to one of the system colleges or universities (typically the college at which the student has earned the most credits).

With reverse transfer, coursework earned at a Minnesota State system college or university is transferred back to a previously attended community college for the purpose of awarding an AA degree. Universities may also award AA degrees through this process.

Why should I participate in reverse transfer for an AA degree?
Reverse transfer can help you obtain the AA degree you have already earned. An AA degree is a marketable credential for your resume and can possibly improve your earnings with some employers.

How do I know if I'm eligible for reverse transfer?

Once you have met the following criteria, you will be contacted via eServices to obtain consent for release of records and degree conferral:

· Completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

· Completed at least 12 credits at a community college

· Transferred to a university

· Completed at least 60 overall college-level credits

For more information about reverse transfer, contact the M State Support Center at 877.450.3322.