FN letter grade

FN = Failure/Non-Attendance

If you do not attend a class for which you are registered during the first week of classes, your instructor will report you as a "no show," and you will have earned the letter grade of FN for each course you did not attend. If you're in an online class, you must complete an activity to avoid the FN designation; simply logging into a course does not qualify as attendance.  

For courses scheduled to meet less than the full semester, students must begin attending/participating in the class by one business day after the class first meets in order to avoid being issued an FN grade.

If you receive FN letter grade(s), the following apply:

  1. FN is a final grade for the course.
  2. You will no longer have access to course content in D2L/Brightspace.
  3. You are financially responsible for the course.
  4. If you receive financial aid, it will be adjusted or reduced per federal financial aid regulations.