Course delivery options

M State has six delivery options for its courses:

On-campus classes involve going to a campus for the required class times.

Online - Synchronous
Using video software such as Zoom, these classes have scheduled, virtual meetings or activity times.  

Online - Asynchronous

All instruction is delivered online with NO required regular campus in-person meetings. Students may be required to find an approved proctoring location for exams.

These courses meet on campus approximately 50% of the time, with the remaining 50% offered online either synchronously or asynchronously at the discretion of the instructor. 

Students have the option to participate flexibly between these courses' designated modes of instructional delivery.  These courses are in-person courses with additional flexible learning opportunities for students, such as asynchronous and/or synchronous course completion options. 

Students are connected with other students from a different campus via technology in a classroom on campus. Students meet on campus at scheduled times. The instructor may be on campus or transmitting from another campus.

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