Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance Details

The M State Emergency Fund was created to assist students in overcoming emergency barriers that have come up and are keeping the student from completing their coursework. An emergency is a serious, unexpected, and possibly dangerous situation requiring immediate action. Examples include, but are not limited to car repairs, rental assistance to prevent eviction, childcare payments, medical bills, or food insecurities. Please note that Community Resources will still be our first line in assistance to our students.

We have limited funding and this grant is intended to fill the gaps where community resources may not be able to assist. This is not a scholarship and requests should be specific in dollar amount to your need. Be very specific in your request. Provide details about who/what needs to be paid. Give the reviewers a complete picture of how your situation demonstrates an emergency. Checks are written to third parties, meaning property owners, repair shops, daycare providers. This may mean providing a copy of late notice, leases, or estimates from repair shops, etc.

Guidelines are as follows for review of applications:

  • Applications are only accepted when the Fall/Spring semester is in session.
  • Student must have a completed FAFSA for the term for which they are applying for an emergency grant and is Pell eligible. Non-eligible students may still apply if there are documented extenuating circumstances.
  • Student must be enrolled with a minimum of 6 credits.
  • Be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate).
  • Applications are complete and a plan has been agreed upon between the student and college social worker for a resolution.
  • Checks will be written to third party vendors.
  • Any granted funds will be attached to your financial aid as "additional aid."
  • Funds can NOT be used for: credit card payments, legal fees, books, tuition, and things of that nature.

Students are encouraged to reach out to the College Social Worker for assistance with non-emergent needs.