Campus Inclusion/Bias Reporting

Purpose: This form is used for reporting incidents of bias, hate, intolerance or intimidation.

Bias are any discriminatory or hurtful act that appears to be or is perceived by the impacted person to be motivated by race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, gender, age, marital status, ability, social economic, veteran status, sexual orientation, or familial status.

Campus Inclusion are incidents that impact a sense of belonging. Acts that impact inclusion may include the following behaviors, lack of culturally relevant content, experiences and programs, lack of representation, microaggressions, bullying, gaslighting.

The incident is not required to be a crime under any federal, state, or local statues, nor does it have to violate college policy. Incidents may be reported using this form or in person to the Dean of Equity and Inclusion or Title IX Coordinator.

This form does not notify first responders. If you are in need of immediate assistance for an emergency, call 911.

Confidentiality is not guaranteed when completing this form.

Completing the form is voluntary. It is expected that the information reported is truthful.

The data will be used to track incidents of bias and campus inclusion and to strategically address areas that impact belonging and equity.

Anonymous reporting: You will have the option of reporting an incident anonymously. Understand that when an anonymous response is submitted, the institution may be limited in providing support and education.

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