SOC2213 - Sociology of the Family

3 (3/0/0)
Meets MnTC Goal Areas 5 and 7. Families will be examined from the sociological perspective and will be compared across time and cultures. Family relationships, family structure and the effects of race, class, gender, age, social institutions and social policy will be explored in this course. Integral to this course are comprehensive discussions on topics such as dating, cohabitation, marriage/partnering, employment, domestic violence, parenting, divorce, remarriage/re-partnering and elder care. This course provides understanding of the family, family roles and the impact on the individual. Understanding public and private, platonic and intimate relationships can assist in the development of tolerance toward others.
  1. Investigate families as public entities and private social networks.
  2. Explore conceptions of 'family' embedded in society's social structure.
  3. Analyze changing family structures and its effects on individual members.
  4. Contrast contemporary issues facing families in the United States and worldwide.
  5. Explore cross-cultural diversity of families.
  6. Relate family issues to theoretical perspectives.
  7. Analyze the family across time and life stages.
  8. Evaluate the impact on families and individual members of factors such as race, class, gender, age, and social class.
  9. Interpret the impact of societal institutions on the family.
Goal Areas
5. History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences
7. Human Diversity
Degrees that use this course

Elementary Education Transfer Pathway

Associate of Science (AS)