PE2241 - Principles of Coaching

3 (3/0/0)
This course is designed to introduce students to athletic coaching philosophies, basic coaching concepts in team and individual sports and theories involved in coaching. Emphasis will be on legal issues surrounding coaching, developing coaching philosophies, exploring diversity in coaching, and rules and regulations associated with coaching at different levels.
  1. Create an individual coaching philosophy.
  2. Explore the legal aspects of coaching.
  3. Develop a recruiting philosophy.
  4. Examine diversity in coaching.
  5. Identify the basic rules for high school eligibility.
  6. Identify the basic rules for college eligibility.
  7. Assess the impact that coaches have on the people they coach.
  8. Determine his/her own views of the ethical, moral and legal choices made by coaches and their impact on society.
  9. Investigate the different values sports play in education.