MUSC1164 - Concert Band

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Meets MnTC Goal Area 6F. The M State Concert Band is an instrumental group that meets three times per week on a regularly scheduled basis. The group will study and prepare music from a wide range of composers and styles and performs a minimum of one concert each semester. This ensemble will participate in campus life venues, festivals and occasional area tours. Small ensemble performances will also be included in this experience. May be repeated for credit.
  1. Demonstrate an awareness of the scope and variety of works for concert band.
  2. Identify music selections as expressions of individual and human values within their historical, social, and musical context.
  3. Respond critically to works and performances of concert band literature.
  4. Articulate an informed personal reaction to works and performances of concert band literature.
  5. Articulate a written response to a work for concert band. .
  6. Attend concert events and respond with a written analysis.
Goal Areas
6. The Humanities and Fine Arts
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Associate of Fine Arts (AFA)