MUSC1116 - World Music

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Meets MnTC Goal Areas 6 and 8.This survey course for the general college student introduces the elements, structural designs and historical styles of music. Emphasis is on expansion of listening skills and musical experiences with music of the Western notated tradition (classical music), Native America, Africa, India, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe.
  1. Demonstrate an awareness of the scope and variety of world music, historical to the present.
  2. Respond critically to world music.
  3. Articulate an informed personal reaction to individual pieces and style periods.
  4. Recognize individual works and stylistic differences of various musical periods.
  5. Describe the historical experience and musical traditions of five broad constituent groups (Native Americans, European Americans, African Americans, Chicano/Latino Americans, and Asian Americans).
  6. Describe how each ethnic group's musical traditions mirror the various patterns of that group's assimilation or isolation in relation to mainstream culture.
  7. Compare and contrast this repertoire.
  8. Examine and discuss the relationships of musical expression to other forms of artistic expression, and to culture generally.
  9. Recognize how the social values of a given culture deeply influence its music
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