MGMT2225 - Project Management

3 (3/0/0)
This course provides an introduction to all aspects of project management including the technical, cultural and interpersonal skills necessary to manage projects from initiation to completion. The course identifies the process groups and knowledge area of the PMBOK ® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide. Topics include the strategic role of projects in contemporary organizations, working with stakeholders (customers, vendors, organizational cultures) and the technical management tools available for time management, schedules and costs, risks and project completion.
  1. Identify the role and responsibilities of the project manager and project team.
  2. Explain and evaluate effective means of managerial communication throughout the project life cycle.
  3. Utilize tools to help control during project initiation, planning, scheduling and execution.
  4. Analyze effective team building and maintenance.
  5. Apply communication principles to motivation, conflict management and change management.
  6. Create a work breakdown structure.
  7. Discuss tracking and monitoring processes through the project life cycle.
  8. Evaluate important principles for project closure.
  9. Define the key elements needed to measure and report on project scope, schedule and cost performance.
  10. Identify the resource needs of the project and develop a cost baseline.
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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)