MATH1000 - Technical Mathematics

3 (3/0/0)
This course presents basic mathematical topics as they are applied in a technical program. The course includes a review of basic mathematical operations and continues with the development of algebraic and trigonometric skills in a technical setting. Most concepts will be applied through course-specific problems. This course is not an MnTC Goal Area 4 mathematics course, nor does it prepare students for taking an MnTC Goal Area 4 mathematics course.
  • placement by assessment
  1. Review basic mathematical operations involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, signed numbers, percents and order of operations.
  2. Perform metric system conversions and apply to program-specific problems.
  3. Solve basic linear equations.
  4. Manipulate formulas.
  5. Solve and apply variation problems.
  6. Demonstrate usage of scientific calculator.
  7. Identify appropriate geometric formulas to solve perimeter, area and volume applications.
  8. Solve basic right triangle trigonometry application problems.
  9. Formulate solutions to program specific problems.
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