HITM2230 - Medical Science for Health Information Professionals

3 (3/0/0)
This course provides students with an understanding of fundamental concepts of pathological conditions and therapeutics associated with multiple medical conditions. A working knowledge of the nature and cause of disease processes including the etiology, signs, symptoms and diagnostic evaluation are covered. Appropriate treatment modalities are covered for each body system, including pharmacological, preventative, palliative, therapeutic and surgical. This allows health information professionals to apply diagnosis and treatment knowledge to code assignment according to current guidelines.
  1. Describe the nature and cause of diseases of various body systems.
  2. Define common pathophysiological and pharmacological terms.
  3. Comprehend the common medical abbreviations, acronyms, diagnostic studies and tests.
  4. Define the different dosages and routes of medication administration and how this affects the assignment of codes.
  5. Understand how diseases interact with other body systems.
  6. Analyze the relationship of diagnoses and treatments and report discrepancies.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the most common treatments of disease for each body system.
  8. Build upon the basic framework of disease processes and treatments for pursuing medical research.
  9. Differentiate among preventative, palliative and therapeutic treatments.
Degrees that use this course

Health Information Technology/Coding

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)