HIST1102 - Western Civilization: 1600s to the Present

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Meets MnTC Goal Areas 5 and 8. This course provides a discussion of the political, economic, cultural and social factors which have shaped the history of Western Civilization. Topics include the Glorious, French and Industrial Revolutions, Napoleon and the Napoleon Wars, the two world wars, and the rise and collapse of communism.
  1. Explain the events that resulted in the Glorious Revolution.
  2. Explore the works of the Intellectual Revolution.
  3. Understand the French Revolution and Napoleonic France.
  4. Describe the Industrial Revolution.
  5. Articulate the advancements of the Age of Progress.
  6. Summarize the causes and events of World War I, including the Russian Revolution.
  7. Investigate the culture of the 20th century, including the Age of Anxiety.
  8. Understand the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the major events of World War II.
  9. Analyze the collapse of communism.
  10. Analyze historical sources, distinguishing primary from secondary sources.
  11. Communicate effectively using historical evidence and methods of analysis.
  12. Analyze and understand the diversity of peoples within their distinctive historical contexts.
Goal Areas
5. History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences
8. Global Perspective
Degrees that use this course

History Transfer Pathway

Associate of Arts (AA)