GAS2002 - Gas Utility Field Training III

5 (1/4/0)
This course provides practice in gas utility tasks with a focus on gas mains. The students have theory and applied training with the installation and repair of steel gas mains and services, line testing and leak detection procedures,
  1. Illustrate steel gas main distribution systems.
  2. Assemble steel pipe according to manufacturer's specification.
  3. Demonstrate welding steel pipe.
  4. Apply relevant technologies in the protection of steel systems from corrosion.
  5. Describe gate and regulation stations.
  6. Describe housepiping codes.
  7. Demonstrate the installation of gas housepiping.
  8. Describe the propane gas industry.
  9. Recognize types of propane containers.
  10. Recognize and demonstrate the differences between propane and natural gas installations.
  11. Explain and model good customer service.
  12. Demostrate joining plastic pipes mechanically.
  13. Examine corrosion protection for steel mains.
  14. Outline tapping and stopping steel gas mains.
  15. Outline natural gas fire control.
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