ELL1020 - English Language Learner Listening Comprehension and Speaking

3 (3/0/0)
This course is for non-native learners of English. Students will develop the listening and speaking skills necessary for participating in college-level classroom discussion, incorporating oral presentation and fostering critical listening skills needed for taking notes and understanding lectures.
  1. Identify and restate key points of a given speech, lecture or story.
  2. Distinguish lecture organization styles, including chronology, process, classification, comparison and causal analysis.
  3. Record useable notes through strategies designed for each lecture type.
  4. Create charts, graphs or graphics based on lecture content.
  5. Analyze lectures for meaning expressed by direct statements as well as inferred meaning.
  6. Practice pronuniciation and enunciation features determined by the instructor.
  7. Practice appropriate listening skills in a variety of classroom situations including lectures, videos and student speeches.
  8. Create outlines for class presentations.
  9. Employ language appropriate to audience and situation while speaking.