ELL0075 - American English Pronunciation

2 (2/0/0)
This pronunciation course is for non-native speakers of English. It is designed to help students improve their ability to be clearly understood in spoken communication in the United States. Through focusing on general speaking habits, intonation, syllabification, stress, rhythm, contraction and vowel and consonant sounds, students will learn how to more accurately adjust their pronunciation to general North American English pronunciation.
  1. Display control of general speaking habits such as speed, volume, breath and pause.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate intonation based on sentence function.
  3. Accurately identify syllabification and stress of given vocabulary.
  4. Demonstrate native-like stress, rhythm and connection patterns in sentence-level utterances.
  5. Produce correct consonant and vowel articulation.
  6. Identify and apply self-monitoring and correcting strategies.