ELL0060 - English Language Learner Reading

3 (3/0/0)
This reading course is for non-native learners of English. Students will learn the skills and vocabulary necessary to read college-level materials with emphasis given to effective note taking and summarizing. Students will engage in frequent large and small group discussions of reading material and be exposed to a variety of reading strategies.
  1. Demonstrate comprehension of readings by completing specific tasks: exercises, outlines, charts, graphs, and summaries.
  2. Develop note-taking skills of key points of reading.
  3. Articulate the meaning of key vocabulary verbally and in writing.
  4. Analyze written structures for context clues showing word meaning, comparison, sequence, and summary.
  5. Apply active reading methods.
  6. Understand a number of reading methods.
  7. Participate in group discussions and understand effective group work especially acknowledging the opinions of others and identifying threads of conversation.
  8. Express oral opinions to represent the perspective of the individual and others.
  9. Become aware of issues of academic integrity when summarizing or paraphrasing others' writings.