ELL0050 - English Language Learner Foundations

4 (3/1/0)
This grammar-based course is for non-native learners of English and is designed to prepare students to succeed in college-level fundamental courses. The course supports progress toward fluency in the English skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing through intensive study of grammatical structures. Content is chosen especially to provide sound models for needed basic written forms.
  1. Employ English grammar vocabulary correctly.
  2. Demonstrate correct technical sentence elements: correct spelling, beginning capital letters, and end punctuation.
  3. Describe the basic function of each part of speech.
  4. Construct correct, complete English sentences containing classic subject/verb/object form.
  5. Distinguish between countable and uncountable nouns.
  6. Identify and use suitable pronouns for subjects, objects, and possessives.
  7. Employ adverbs of frequency correctly.
  8. Use plural and possessive forms appropriately.
  9. Recall irregular verb forms.
  10. Distinguish among simple and progressive forms for present, past, future, and perfect tenses.
  11. Recognize correct prepositions needed for frequently used phrasal verbs.
  12. Combine ideas by using adjective clauses correctly.