ECE1105 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education

3 (2/1/0)
This course provides an overview of the early childhood profession through exploring and examining aspects such as historical roots of the profession, theory, program types for children birth through age 8, career opportunities, personal characteristics of professionals, developmentally appropriate practice and ethics.
  1. Examine the research base for best practices in early childhood education. (TECE 3.A.1)
  2. Examine the historical, philosophical and social foundations of early childhood education and how these foundations influence current thought and practice. (TECE 3.L.1)
  3. Explain developmentally appropriate practice.
  4. Identify and review early childhood careers, job requirements and the career ladder.
  5. Identify and compare different types of early childhood programs.
  6. Examine county and state processes for licensing of home and center-based programs.
  7. Explore, discuss and practice the National Association for the Education of Young Children Code of Ethics.
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