EAP1001 - Reading and Editing Strategies I

3 (3/0/0)
This course is for students in their first semester of study in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) cohort. The course pairs with ENGL0097: Express English and an academic content course. Students will learn strategies for taking notes and analyzing texts, identifying patterns of error in their writing and applying strategies for increasing sentence-level accuracy.
  • Course placement is determined by assessment
  • Enrollment in ENGL0097: Express English and paired MnTC course is required for students registering for this course
  1. Demonstrate comprehension of texts through a variety of activities: note-taking, small-group discussion, creation of graphic organizers, etc.
  2. Apply active reading strategies, i.e., annotate texts using a variety of strategies.
  3. Recognize common roots, suffixes and prefixes of academic and specialized vocabulary.
  4. Combine and apply appropriate reading and study strategies in preparation for exams.
  5. Analyze the language structures of texts: phrase and clause constructions, use of logical connectors, etc.
  6. Rewrite sentences, paragraphs and essays for increased grammatical accuracy.
  7. Identify individual patterns of error and apply appropriate editing strategies.
  8. Employ meta-cognitive strategies for assessing individual growth in writing proficiency.
  9. Practice integrating and crediting sources in writing.