CPTR2275 - Data Analytics

3 (2/1/0)
This course is an Introduction to data analytics. The student will explore historical roots and reasons for business intelligence. The student will be introduced to big data, data mining and data warehousing and how they help businesses. Database scalability and optimization also will be covered.
  1. Compare and contrast database reporting and database analytics.
  2. Distinguish the components of database architecture and design.
  3. Explain wants and needs in business intelligence.
  4. Examine business cases of data mining.
  5. Generate database performance metrics.
  6. Look for patterns in data using pattern discovery.
  7. Optimize database management systems (DBMSs) using database scalability.
  8. Recommend business decisions based on predictive analysis.
  9. Summarize data to reduce storage footprint.
  10. Utilize data compression techniques.
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