CPTR2250 - IT Supervised Occupational Experience

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This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore career paths in the information technology field while gaining practical work experience. Emphasis will be placed on the individual student's skills. This experiential learning allows the student to gain insight into one or more careers through job shadowing, service learning, volunteering, externships, work experience or a combination of these options. This class will provide career exploration information as well as work experience to help students identify their career goals and personal interests.
  • Instructor Approval
  1. Identify personal strengths and professional goals through a student learning plan.
  2. Locate an acceptable supervised occupational experience site in which to implement the student learning plan.
  3. Develop insight into a specific IT career though field experience.
  4. Develop skills and practices necessary to work in the field of information technology.
  5. Apply skills learned in the classroom setting to the field experience.
  6. Apply current and acquire new problem solving skills.
  7. Demonstrate personal accountability and professional ethical practices.
  8. Demonstrate effective communication skills in a professional environment.
  9. Demonstrate effective use of information technology in a work environment.
  10. Assess the field experience relative to career goals.
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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)