CPTR1129 - RPG Programming

4 (2/2/0)
This course is an introduction to RPG programming and AS400 system operations. The student will learn the basics of operating the AS400 and begin writing RPG programs. These programs will include building physical files, writing RPG code, compiling, error finding and producing reports. There will be a strong emphasis on developing logic to program more intermediate RPG programs. A high concentration will be on the structure of the student's calculation specifications. Students will learn how to add, delete and update data to physical files through their RPG programs. Students also will be developing screen programs where users can enter data.
  1. Write RPG programs.
  2. Compile programs.
  3. Find errors and correct errors.
  4. Produce reports.
  5. Develop logic structures.
  6. Perform calculations.
  7. Create, change and delete data.
  8. Perform CL commands.
  9. Use operation codes.
  10. Develop interactive screens.
  11. Create, change, and delete data within multiple files.
  12. Pass parameters.
  13. Perform level breaks within a program.
  14. Develop physical files.
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