CPTR1115 - COBOL Programming

4 (3/1/0)
This course provides an overview of the COBOL programming language. Students will gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of COBOL coding including knowledge of COBOL syntax, program structure, program design, execution and debugging. Maintenance and modification of typical business applications will also be coded throughout the course.
  1. Name the logic structures used in a structured program.
  2. Describe the basic organization of the four COBOL divisions.
  3. Understand the uses of switches, accumulators, and work area fields.
  4. Explain how the record layout can be used to describe the related data.
  5. Utilize condition names.
  6. Use control structures in coding a COBOL program.
  7. Explain the purpose of data validation.
  8. Code a CALL to a subprogram.
  9. Demonstrate industry standard code development techniques.
  10. Understand all levels of table processing.
  11. Differentiate single-level and multiple-level control breaks.
  12. Describe the difference between a subscript and an index.
  13. Code a COBOL SORT.
  14. Explain indexed file organization.
  15. Write code to post to a transaction record program.
  16. Explain file matching and update logic for a sequential file.
  17. Write a sequential file update program.
  18. Create a transaction log report.
  19. Explain file maintenance.
  20. Write code to add, update, or delete a relative file record.
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