ART1141 - Ceramics I

3 (2/1/0)
Meets MnTC Goal Area 6F. Students learn about pottery tools and their uses, construction methods such as coil and slabs, aspects of pottery form and design, formulation and application of glazes, and operation of a ceramic kiln. The course is designed for the novice.
  1. View the work of other artists' through slides, videos, or books.
  2. Experience the work of other artists' by visiting exhibits, galleries, or studios.
  3. Demonstrate techniques of centering, pulling, and trimming work.
  4. Demonstrate slab techniques to generate forms.
  5. Create cylinder and bowl forms on the wheel.
  6. Demonstrate techniques of glazing, and decorating ceramic works.
  7. Use accurate vocabulary in relationship to ceramics.
  8. Use studio materials in a safe and responsible manner.
  9. Demonstrate pinch techniques to generate forms.
  10. Demonstrate coil techniques to generate forms.
Degrees that use this course

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