ARCH2248 - CADD Alternatives

3 (1/2/0)
This course will familiarize the student with computer drafting and modeling software for the graphic design of residential construction.
  1. Insert multiple wall types.
  2. Insert window objects.
  3. Insert door objects.
  4. Design a building floor plan from a given building program.
  5. Add building floor and roofing components.
  6. Create and view building elevations.
  7. Create and view building section.
  8. Create floor plan annotations and dimensions.
  9. Complete an interior furniture layout.
  10. Complete a landscape layout.
  11. Complete a typical building wall section.
  12. Prepare sheet layouts for plotting.
Degrees that use this course

Architectural Drafting


Architectural Drafting & Design

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)