ARCH2244 - Commercial Projects

4 (1/3/0)
This course covers the construction document process for commercial building design while having the student complete a self-guided capstone project. Content will include final detailing, scheduling and sheet set layout from a given design developed project.
  1. Report code requirements of mixed-use building typology.
  2. Design floor plans of a self-guided project.
  3. Draw floor plans per given CAD standards.
  4. Complete a square footage estimate of the self-guided project.
  5. Design the exterior of a self-guided project.
  6. Select exterior material finishes for a self-guided project.
  7. Draw building elevations per given CAD standards.
  8. Draw a roof plan per given CAD standards.
  9. Select initial structural, mechanical and electrical systems for a self-guided project.
  10. Create a coordinated building section for a self-guided project.
  11. Draw sections per given CAD standards.
  12. Report zoning requirements of a project site.
  13. Draw property metes and bounds from given survey information.
  14. Draw a site plan per given CAD standards.
  15. Select interior material finishes for a self-guided project.
  16. Coordinate door, window and room finish schedules with a building design.
  17. Draw construction details for a building envelope.
  18. Coordinate a drawing set per given CAD standards.
Degrees that use this course

Architectural Drafting & Design

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