ARCH2222 - Architectural Drafting Service Learning

4 (2/2/0)
This course provides the opportunity for students in the Architectural Drafting & Design program to work on real-life projects. These projects combine learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs.
  1. Understand problems in a more complex way, including their underlying issues.
  2. Develop curiosity and motivation to imagine alternative solutions.
  3. Learn how to work collaboratively on real problems.
  4. Observe how decisions are made and how they can impact people's lives.
  5. Employ students to develop autonomy and independence from faculty.
  6. Use a variety of ways to articulate information (written, verbal, art, media, etc).
  7. Identify and analyze the composition of the off-campus community including social, cultural, demographic, lifestyle, religious and other factors.
  8. Improve student attitudes toward involvement.
  9. Prepare students to make career decisions.
  10. Improve student recognition of the importance of communication.
  11. Expose students to options and points of view other than their own.
  12. Increase complex problem-solving ability.
Degrees that use this course

Architectural Drafting & Design

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)