AGRI1100 - Principles of Agronomy

3 (3/0/0)
This course explores the principles and practices of plant and related sciences as applied to increasing productivity and improvement of field crops. Emphasis is on crop selection and improvement through the breeding of crop varieties, seeds and seedlings, crop growth and development, crop production hazards, and the harvest and storage of field crops.
  1. Classify and identify field crop plants and seeds.
  2. Outline nutrient sources/fertilizers.
  3. Explain plant breeding systems and genetic improvement.
  4. Analyze crop nutrition and its relationship with soil fertility.
  5. Conduct a cost analysis of fertilizer and create fertility programs with different fertilizers.
  6. Interpret soil tests and calculate fertilizer costs.
  7. Describe proper harvest timing and crop storage techniques.
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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)