ADMS1130 - Office Software Applications

3 (2/1/0)
This course is designed to provide the office professional with software application skills in spreadsheets, databases and email as used in the office environment. Spreadsheet topics may include formatting documents, managing workbooks and worksheets, filtering and sorting, and utilizing importing and exporting of data. Databases may also include creating and utilizing tables, queries, forms and reports, and refining sorting and filtering to generate forms and reports. Email topics may include sending, replying and forwarding email, creating contacts, customizing calendar settings, scheduling meetings and appointments, and creating groups and distribution lists.
  1. Apply specific formulas and functions for statistical, financial and logical data as applicable.
  2. Create and manage mulitple workbooks and worksheets.
  3. Utilize importing and exporting features in applications.
  4. Generate reports and forms to display useful information.
  5. Utilize advanced sorting and filtering features in various applications.
  6. Apply appropriate formatting techniques for clarity and readability when presenting information.
  7. Create and utilize contacts, groups and distribution lists in email.
  8. Apply customization features to enhance efficiency and proficiency in applications.
  9. Apply protection to documents in various applications.
Degrees that use this course

Administrative Support


Human Resources

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)