ADMS1110 - Word Processing

3 (2/1/0)
This course introduces students to the word processing techniques needed to facilitate the creating, producing, editing and storing of documents. The course stresses increased proficiency in the computer production of business documents.
  1. Demonstrate the ability to Insert and edit text, symbols and special characters.
  2. Create and illustrate a document using graphics, text boxes and charts.
  3. Create, format, modify and sort information in a table.
  4. Create and customize bulleted and numbered lists to industry specifications.
  5. Format text, paragraphs and columns using fonts, tabs, line spacing, and borders and shading.
  6. Demonstrate the proper usage of and correct formating of content in headers and footers.
  7. Modify document layout and page setup to business and industry standards .
  8. Create and edit diagrams, charts and hyperlinks.
  9. Utilize templates to create new business documents.
  10. Create a mail merge using a main document, data source and merge fields.
  11. Insert citations, manage sources and create a bibliography.
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