Selective Admissions Programs Policy

Vice President of Student Affairs
Effective date
March 1, 2005
Last content update
April 18, 2024


To manage students who apply to selective admissions programs and to ensure all selective admissions programs have maximum enrollment and allow equal opportunity to qualified applicants.


Selective admissions programs

Programs with a secondary application process to accept students into core programmatic courses. Each program has specific criteria that need to be met at the time of application review.


Admission to Minnesota State Community and Technical College does not guarantee admission into selective admissions programs. Students must review program-specific admissions criteria to ensure requirements are met for consideration into the core program. Completion of admissions criteria does not guarantee admission into a core program. Students should contact their advisor, enrollment manager or reference the program’s selective admission program procedures or webpage for specific information, admissions criteria and selection guidelines.



Review specific admissions criteria for the intended program and submit application for consideration to enter the core program.

Vice president of academic affairs and vice president of student affairs

Overall responsibility of the Selective Admissions Programs Policy.

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Policy author(s)
Logan Schmidt


DateDescription of Change

Defined selective admissions, who or where students should refer to if they have questions, updated the list of selective admission programs, and edited the responsibility section to accurately reflect institutional departments and processes for applicant review.